Water features are among the most beautiful, satisfying, and value-generating landscaping features you can install.
While swimming pools may immediately come to mind, a pool is just a type of water feature. Ponds, waterfalls, fountains, and streams are some examples of other water features one can install.
In the Sioux City region, the swimming season may not be long enough for many homeowners to consider an outdoor swimming pool to be a good investment, but there are many other water features that most certainly are, and we’re going to talk about some of them and the reasons installing water features makes good sense.

Benefits of Adding Water Features to a Property

We’re going to talk about 4 principal benefits that come from having well-done water features on your property.

Sanity and Relaxation

Water, especially running water, has a soothing effect on the spirit. Since ancient times, clerics, philosophers, and physicians have recognized the symbolism and the restorative effects of water. You may have undergone some form of hydrotherapy such as a steam bath or sauna.

In your yard, water features create a relaxing, peaceful effect. Flowing water creates its calming soundtrack that enhances one’s enjoyment of the outdoors.

There have even been scientific studies finding that exposure to running water reduces stress levels.

Attracting Wildlife

If you’re an animal lover, you’ll appreciate the power of running water to increase visitation by wildlife. Although stagnant water is a breeding ground for mosquitoes, flowing water, whether as a waterfall with a pond or a bubbling birdbath or something else, will attract animals whose presence you enjoy.

Songbirds will drink and preen. Rabbits and deer may come to take a sip. If you’re especially lucky, a fox may appear and become a regular visitor. Think of the enjoyment you could derive from observing and listening to wildlife from a porch, a lounge chair on the lawn, from a kitchen or bedroom window, etc.

Better Air Quality, Less Noise Pollution

Some scientists have found that running water releases a flow of negative ions, and others have performed studies that these negative ions can offset the impacts on health caused by air pollution. There is nothing definitive on this yet, but a lot of anecdotal support from homeowners exists.

Something we do know is that running water can offset noise pollution coming from nearby. It may not completely drown out traffic, construction projects or the terrible music one of the neighbors keeps blasting, but it will help!

Stronger Curb Appeal and Higher Property Values

It’s not just you who appreciates the water features on your property. Potential buyers like them, too, and features that are designed well and function properly add a proven boost to a home’s resale value. In addition to adding value, they’ll attract more interested buyers. Water features hold great appeal for many people, and having them already installed saves time and stress for buyers.

The ancient Chinese believed that running water symbolized wealth and new opportunities. Proven? No. But who knows? What’s the harm in trying?

Types of Water Features

There are dozens of types of water features a person can install. At Sharp Lawn Care, there are four that we highly recommend (and can install for you): waterfalls with ponds, pondless waterfalls, small fountains, and bubblers. Now we’re going to talk about those in more detail.

Waterfalls with Ponds

The combination of a waterfall with a pond is one of the best ways to replicate a natural setting and enjoy all of the benefits from water features that we talked about. With a waterfall and a pond, you get a great payout in scenic beauty. These features are also very calming and are effective at reducing noise pollution, and they dramatically add to a home’s curb appeal. They are great for attracting wildlife as well, and you can further beautify these features by adding rocks, flowers, plants, and trees. Some people even stock their ponds with fish that can thrive in the climate.

Waterfalls can be small and gentle or taller and more dramatic. It’s really up to the homeowner’s preferences. In general, waterfalls are also easy to maintain and energy-efficient.

Pondless Waterfalls

Maybe the yard is too small for a pond, a pond is more than what you want, or it just isn’t in the budget. You can still install a pondless waterfall, and pondless waterfalls are the most desired water features. You’ll get the same benefits but for less cost and in less space.

With this type of feature, water collects at the bottom in a small pool and pumps circulate it back up through the fountain.

It’s also much safer for kids to play in and around pondless waterfalls than it is around true ponds.

Small Fountains

Your yard doesn’t need something like a huge fountain in a public park or outside a Vegas casino, but small, more modest fountains are other highly desired water features for homeowners.

Fountains are great additions to yards, patios, decks, and gardens, and they use less space than a waterfall feature does. There are all kinds of varieties including pipe-style fountains, disappearing fountains, spouting fountains, and self-contained ones. Disappearing, or pondless, fountains are great if there are toddlers around because the water collects underground, eliminating the risk of drowning. Different styles and materials also create different visual effects.

There are other add-on features you can install with a fountain (a downspout is just one example), and fountains themselves are generally easy to install. Maintenance is also pretty simple, requiring keeping them debris-free so the pump doesn’t burn out, and draining the basins before winter so water doesn’t freeze and cause cracks to the structure.

Another great thing about fountains is that you can control how the waterfalls, which affects both sight and sound. Water can run smoothly down the sides of an object, or it can trickle down if the sides are more textured. You can design a fountain so that water bubbles up, or you can go with a raining effect, with the ability to control the force for anything from the dramatic sound of a storm to the soothing sounds of a trickling rain. Other options include featuring water pouring from one level to another (often with several levels) and more of a cascading effect where water “falls” from one level to the next.

More about the bubbling fountains mentioned just above: they are probably the quietest of fountains and among the most soothing. There is a bubbling device set in the basin, and it churns the surface of the water, creating a calming and sometimes mesmerizing visual experience. One of the great things about bubbling fountains is that because they are so gentle, they are very attractive to birds and butterflies. Because they don’t splash and spill, you also don’t have to refill them that often.

Bubblers aren’t just found in fountains. You can also install them in ponds for a bubbling, rippling effect, and you can put them in birdbaths, where they’ll not only attract wildlife but also keep the water fresher.

With all the varieties and options, the ease of installation and maintenance, and the relatively low cost, fountains make great additions to properties.

Decorative Fountains

Decorative fountains allow you to get creative and fun, and you can often purchase kits to install them yourself, though you still have the option of purchasing a kit and having a professional install it to make sure it’s done right.

People sometimes use wine glasses and bottles, teapots, and other common liquid-themed items to create unique water features. Urns and fountain rocks are also popular. Because these fountains are small, they don’t take long to install, and the process is fairly simple. They can also go just about anywhere in the yard.

The water in these fountains recirculates so that you don’t have to worry about the drain/refill process that goes with some other fountains. An in-ground reservoir holds the water, and a mechanical pump pushes it up through the fountain, and then it flows down and back into the reservoir.

These fountains are also good for attracting birds and butterflies, and they come in a wide range of designs to suit different tastes and budgets.

Other Water Features

We’ve talked about the features we recommend the most, but there are many other possibilities. Even if we don’t install some of these, we’d still like you to know about a number of them for your designing purposes:






Swimming pools




Splash pads for the kids (and you!)


Koi ponds




Staircase waterfalls


Water walls


Water blade fountains

Aquascape Products

When we install water features, we use Aquascape products. Aquascape makes field-tested, high-quality products that provide great value and are easy to maintain. Their products also use water responsibly, intelligently, and efficiently. Since water is a precious resource, we like that about Aquascape and install their products for all these reasons. We believe their reliable, environmentally friendly products are the best in the industry, and we are certified by Aquascape to install their products.

Will Mosquitoes Be a Problem?

We mentioned earlier that standing water is the preferred breeding ground for mosquitoes, and you might wonder if certain water features might invite mosquitoes.

The water features we install circulate the water enough so that it isn’t stagnant and mosquitoes shouldn’t be a problem.

However, if you are seeing more mosquitoes or you worry that your water features will attract them, we can help you with that. We offer an eco-friendly eradication package that will not harm the water quality of your features but will have your yard mosquito-free within 24 hours of the first application. We also return each month during mosquito season to reapply the treatment so you and your yard stay protected.

Just ask about this package when you consult with us on designing and installing your water features. We won’t let mosquitoes interfere with your enjoyment of your beautiful additions!

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