The home should be a haven. You decorate it, fill it with cozy furniture, choose your perfect aesthetic, and just really make it into a place that you and your family can love. Most home improvement and furnishing is done indoors, as people upgrade and make purchases to turn their home into the place they always dreamed of.

Many times people focus on their homes before turning to another essential area; the backyard. The backyard doesn’t just get you and your kids out from those four walls and roof, it also gives you the opportunity to get fresh air, enjoy the nature around you, get exercise, and play! With care by Sharp Lawn Care, you can rest assured that your backyard will be well taken care of, giving you the ability to enjoy your backyard in all its glory, instead of spending hours each week providing maintenance and care.

Kids and the backyard

Parents especially tend to love the babysitter that the backyard becomes for their children. Every one of them has been there, catching themselves doing the quintessential parent thing; they get irritated with their kids watching tv for so long, flip the switch off, and say, “Everyone go outside and don’t come back until dinner time!”


At the same time, every parent has also been on the receiving end of, “We can’t stay outside any longer, we’re so bored!” It can be a struggle to keep your kids out back, especially if they’ve recently spent a lot of time out there. They tend to do everything they can think of, using up their imaginations and playing with whatever activities are back there, and suddenly, they just don’t know what to do anymore.


Adults and the backyard

On the same token, adults can find themselves a bit confused when it comes to the backyard. They might not be used to relaxing out back. Maybe they’re looking for a way to pass the time outside, but they just don’t know how.

While they could just sit in the backyard and stare at their phone, they’d rather embrace their location, enjoy the fresh air, and do something completely different than they’d be doing if they were inside. They’re ready to actually use their backyard for activities, yet they’re confused as to where they should begin.

Hosting in the backyard

The backyard is the perfect place to host and entertain guests. Not only does it reduce the mess indoors, it also removes a lot of the issues that people have with having company at their house.

The backyard provides a nice location with fresh air in which you can visit, eat, drink, and play. Children can be loud and run around. Adults can enjoy a bit more freedom while visiting together.


And, if the conversation dies down, they can turn to activities that will allow them to have a good time together while not feeling strange about the break in talking. If your lawn is maintained by Sharp Lawn Care, you will have confidence knowing that your backyard will always look its best, ready for visitors at any moment.


What to do in your backyard

There are so many activities that you can add to your backyard to make it the perfect place for you, your kids, and your guests. While top backyard activities such as barbecuing, swimming, and simply relaxing, are always a great choice for people of all ages, there are many less common activities that you might not know about.

Here are some of the best activities for the backyard:

Floating beanbags

If you have a pool in your backyard or you’re going to have a pool put in, you will definitely want a floating bean bag. It’s exactly what it sounds like; a giant bean bag that you can relax on in your pool and float. Check it out here. Experience a relaxing pool day like no other with a couple of floating bean bags.

Homemade lawn games

Lawn games are becoming a backyard staple. Essentially, lawn games are just a huge, exaggerated version of regular games, like Jenga, Dominoes, Connect Four, and Dice.


You can make your lawn games even better by making them yourself, or having the kids help you out. Use blocks and paints and other materials you have around the house to build a large version of your favorite games to play out back. These games make fun options for regular outdoor play, as well as exciting activities for parties and get-togethers.

Transforming picnic table

Try Another Picnic Table, the perfect picnic table for the backyard. This transforming picnic table can be moved from one location to another and folds in different places to add or reduce seating, provide backrests, and more. Check it out here.


If you’re going to have a lot of people eating or hanging out in the backyard, you can even put two or more tables together. If you eat or entertain, this transforming picnic table is going to be perfect for you.

Macrame swings

Another easy DIY is macrame swings. Follow a quick, simple pattern and throw together a few swings to add a great aesthetic as well as some fun to your backyard. Here’s one ready to buy.


Hot tub

For some backyards, hot tubs are a staple. However, they’re worth mentioning here because they truly are one of the best backyard investments. A hot tub fits every yard, every family, and practically every event. They are easier to maintain than a pool and provide loads of relaxation, fun, and togetherness. Here’s an affordable option.



Every kid needs a Zipline because every kid dreams of flying. If your backyard has a couple of trees, it has exactly what it needs to install a Zipline. Ziplines can provide hours of fun for children, that is if they learn to take turns.

Inflatable Twister

Kids love to play Twister. This huge inflatable game will give an exciting twist on the game (no pun intended). Your kids and their friends will have a blast bouncing around as they put right foot yellow and left on hand red. Oh, and it’s huge! Check it out here.



Cornhole is a favorite of kids and adults alike. Throwing that little bean bag through that hole has entertained the masses for years.

A cornhole game is easy to make or you can buy one ready to go. Set it up in the backyard and enjoy family competitions or have your kids spend hours outside practicing. Here’s a nice quality set.


Tiki bar

You know you want a Tiki bar in your backyard. From the coconuts to the leis to the hula, you’ll be the talk of the neighborhood with your monthly luaus.

Even if you’re just sitting out back with your partner, a couple of Pina Coladas, and some Hawaiian music, you’ll get a kick out of your Tiki bar. Here are some fun decorations to get you started!!




A huge chalkboard in your backyard provides hours of creativity and fun. Setup an A-Frame chalkboard like this one. You can also Install your chalkboard against the fence, fill buckets with chalk, and let the kids free to decorate your backyard chalkboard.

If you love hosting events in your backyard, your chalkboard will definitely come in handy. Write out a welcoming message, share some guidelines or information, or use it for a game. You’ll get so much use out of your backyard chalkboard, you’ll be wondering where it’s been all your life.



S’mores center

You’re going to have a nice firepit in your backyard, right? So what’s essential to go along with your firepit? Yep, a S’mores center. Use a creative platter to set up and display the S’mores fixings right by the firepit. You’ll be able to settle down for a nice evening by the fire, roast some marshmallows, tell some ghost stories, and make some S’mores. Here’s the perfect bundle!



A giant pinata

A good pinata is the stuff dreams are made of. Literally. They’re filled with candies and presents. But they’re not only for birthday parties any longer.

Set up a huge pinata (like this one) in the backyard and let anyone take a whack at it. No one has to swing until it breaks. Just a few hits here and there, and eventually, some day, it will break. Fun hitting it, and even more fun wondering when the thing will break and share its glorious insides.


Water Cannon

Never run out of water again in the fight to the end with a water cannon that hooks up straight to the hose! Check it out here!



Sharp Lawn Care for your backyard

With so many great options for fun and relaxation in your backyard, you’re not going to want to take all the time to maintain and keep up your lawn. There are many tasks that need to be done to make sure your lawn remains nice and ready for all of the fun you’re creating. Sharp Lawn Care is here for your lawn care needs. We do the chores so you can enjoy your backyard.

Contact Sharp Lawn Care today for your free quote. Let’s create a backyard haven for you and your family!


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