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Weed control and fertilization:

Like the human body, grass needs nourishment to keep growing and stay healthy, and it needs protections from what would harm us. That’s where our weed control and fertilization packages come in.

Take fertilization first. Nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium are the nutrients grass needs. The trouble is, they usually don’t occur naturally at levels a healthy lawn needs. When they are present, they eventually wash away from rain and watering.

To make up for these deficiencies and provide your lawn its essential nutrients, we treat it with fertilizer at different times of the year. At Sharp Lawn Care, we spend a great deal of time researching and testing the science of turf nutrients and management methods, and we work hard to provide cutting-edge technologies in fertilization. When developing a turf fertilization program, we consider a number of factors:

●Minerals required for turf growth and development
●Natural soil fertility
●Turf/grass species, desired quality, and use
●Environmental and management conditions

After examining all of those, we’re able to determine exactly when and where to treat the lawn, and we’re able to answer other key questions. Does your lawn need a fast-release formula that produces results faster but doesn’t last as long and is easier to cause damage to the lawn with? Would it be better to employ a slow-release formula that takes longer to work but lasts longer and is safer for the lawn? Or might the lawn need both types but at different times of the year? These questions can turn into big headaches for the average homeowner. Let us take care of them for you!

Weed control throughout the growing season goes hand in hand with fertilization. There are two types of weed-control applications, and we offer and recommend both. Pre-emergent treatments prevent weeds like crabgrass from taking hold during your grass’s prime growing periods. Post-emergent treatments target weeds once they appear, and they will. Dandelions and clover, for example, are not blocked by pre-emergents.

Again, proper weed control raises considerations the pros are best equipped to handle. How do I know what to use and when? Do I need a targeted approach or a broad one? Do I need to go after the whole plant or just the parts I can see? How do I make sure the herbicides don’t kill plants I want and don’t interfere with the fertilizer treatments? How do I use these powerful chemicals safely and avoid misapplying or overapplying and causing harm to the environment, to my family and pets, and to myself? We’ve got all of that covered!


Fertilization and weed control deliver several distinct benefits:

  • Grass grows thicker and more uniformly.
  • The lawn is more resistant to disease and drought.
  • There are fewer pests because lush, healthy grass makes it harder for them to operate.
  • Thick, strong root systems protect the soil from washing off.
  • No ugly, harmful weeds! Weed control blocks some from growing and gets others after they pop up, and fertilization helps produce a healthy lawn without bare spots that weeds take over.

Find the right package for you.

Silver Package

Our 4 step package that kills weeds and grows grass. This introductory package is designed specifically for the budget conscience client that wants the basic weed control and fertilizing that your lawn needs to survive.

Gold Package

A premium weed control and fertilizer package with Eco-friendly insecticide. The Gold Package delivers 8 steps for the season that will cover your lawns every need. You’ll have a lawn to be proud of before you know it.

Platinum Package

THE BEST. For the property owner who requires the top level of service and results. The Platinum Package has 11 steps for the season containing weed control, pest control and fertilizer. Golf course here we come!

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