Concrete curbing is the term for borders created around landscape mulch or rock beds, gardens, water features, and other landscaping aspects that may have been installed in a lawn.

More traditionally, people have used bricks, plastic, stones, and wood to make these types of edges, but these materials have their limitations. Bricks easily chip or break. Plastic, too, is prone to breaking because it can be brittle. Stones get out of place or don’t create an effective enough barrier between features. Wood can rot and fade.

To address these problems, people began using pre-cast sections of concrete in either straight or curved pieces. These add better durability and keep things more orderly, but they have their limitations as well. For one thing, they often fall over, especially the straight ones. Another drawback is that each one has to be installed manually, a time-consuming process for the homeowner. Finally, because they are precast and rigid, they don’t always fit the contours of a feature, resulting in gaps, a disordered appearance, or inefficient use of space.

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Enter decorative concrete curbing.

The decorative concrete curbing we install is a big step up from all of these. It is a single continuous barrier customized to the exact contours of a feature, and it creates an orderly, streamlined appearance. A person can also choose between a variety of styles and colors. Durable and attractive, it is also affordable.

Our decorative concrete curbing provides many other benefits including, but not limited to, increasing a home’s value, making trimming easier, and creating protective barriers. We’re going to go into these and other benefits in more detail.

Colored Curbing

It Will Increase Your Home’s Value

By making your property more orderly and attractive, concrete curbing will improve its curb appeal and make its resale value go up. But what if you don’t plan to sell? Even then, you can benefit from increased value. Say you are refinancing your home. The higher value will improve your equity, and that could be really beneficial if you are refinancing to pay for a home-improvement project and you’d rather not tap into savings or take on a separate loan.

Decorative Curbing Will Reduce Your Costs for Lawn Maintenance

The solid, continuous barrier decorative curbing creates provides an effective barrier against weeds trying to get into or out of a garden. If weeds happen to try growing over the barrier, they’re easier to see and eliminate. Depending on the design, you may even be able to use a lawn mower to conveniently cut down weeds growing against the barrier. Reducing or eliminating the need for using herbicides saves both time and money, with the added benefit of making the property look better.

Curbing Is Also a Barrier to Roots

Uncontrolled, the roots of your garden plants can spread widely, and sometimes this can cause cracks or bulges in features such as walkways. As a result, you may have to pay for costly repairs. Some people will use pots for flowers and small plants to avoid this problem, but concrete curbing is a better solution because roots can grow freely where they’re supposed to and because the garden will have a more natural look to it.

There Will Be Fewer Messes

Have you ever walked out into the yard after a storm to find a trail of mulch that was washed right out of the garden? It’s maddening because it’s a mess to clean up and because that’s time and money just washed away, requiring more time and money to fix. Our concrete curbing addresses this in two ways. First, we level the area before installation, reducing or eliminating slopes that can contribute to unwanted runoff. Also, the barrier itself, being taller on the backside, helps keep mulch and debris from getting out into the grass where you don’t want it. It will not be 100% effective in all situations, but it will always help and will never hurt.

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Concrete Curbing Saves Time and Money on Trimming

Because decorative curbs establish neat barriers between sections of a lawn, trimming and mowing become easier to do and take less time. If you’re paying a service to do these things for you and the service charges an hourly rate, this can save you money as well. This is a plus that many do not realize because it delivers in small increments, but those increments provide a big benefit over time.

Natural Landscape Features Can Remain As They Are

Your property may have large trees, wildflower meadows, a stream or pond, or other natural features that you prefer to keep as they are. By installing decorative concrete curbing, you can keep the areas surrounding these features in their natural state. This makes it a lot harder to disturb or alter these natural landscape features by accidentally mowing over wildflowers, allowing unwanted plants to invade, etc. Conversely, it can help keep some natural features from spreading to manicured areas where you don’t want them.

Colored Curbing

Concrete Curbing Is More Durable Than Other Options

We mentioned this earlier, but it bears repeating. The concrete we use solid and long-lasting. We even include reinforcing features to prevent cracking. Over time, you will save both headaches and money.


You Get To Be Unique and Creative

We touched on this earlier as well. With decorative concrete curbing as an option, your water features, gardens, and other features don’t have to be limited to traditional and common shapes such as rectangles, squares, and circles. Adding all the options for styles and colors truly helps you create a unique feature that expresses your personality or enhances your property’s assets. Your curbing will catch people’s attention and generate compliments.

Standard Curbing

You might now be wondering how this process works. The first step, of course, is getting in touch with us for a consultation and an estimate. Once we settle on a design 100% to your liking, we prep the property by outlining the barrier, and then we perform all necessary leveling, digging, and removal of obstacles.

Our crew then uses a small specialty concrete forming machine to install the barrier. One person operates the machine and does the pouring, and the other follows with a wheelbarrow and constantly shovels freshly mixed concrete into the machine to ensure that the pouring continues uninterrupted.

After the crew finishes the pouring, they finish the curbing off by hand, making sure everything is smooth and in the shape you wanted.

This machine pours concrete at a rate of about a foot per minute. That may not sound very fast– imagine walking at that pace– but it actually is quite fast. Including both the pouring and the finishing, a crew can complete nearly 200 feet in just 4 hours. That’s a lot of production in not that much time!

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The bottom line is that decorative concrete curbing improves appearances, adds value, protects features, and lasts a long time. It is a sound investment for any homeowner interested in effective landscaping borders. For added convenience, we can also do all of the landscaping in the garden beds you want to protect– adding rocks, spreading mulch, putting plants in, etc.

Sharp Lawn Care is an industry leader with a proven record of top-quality performance. To find out more and get your free quote, just contact us today by calling or by using our easy online form!

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